A Day of Remembrance

This year’s St Patrick’s Day remembrance of deceased DFB members was smaller but no less poignant.

A modern tradition on St Patrick’s Day is for serving, retired and visiting firefighters and officers to gather to remember and honour deceased colleagues. Normally, this takes place at No.3 station before DFB personnel make their way to O’Connell Street to start the annual parade, and as the COVID-19 pandemic meant there was no parade and no visiting firefighters this year, the remembrance of those colleagues who have passed away was instead held at the Training Centre in a small but dignified event.

CFO Dennis Keeley led the remembrance ceremony celebrating their legacies in the company of members from the DFB Sports and Social Club and the DFB Pipe Band, with the Irish flag hoisted to half-mast as the national anthem and the lament, The Sleeping Tune, were played.

In a speech posted on social media, CFO Keeley said: “Traditionally St Patrick’s Day has been a great time for Dublin Fire Brigade to re-engage with and thank family, friends and visiting colleagues, and all our partner organisations for their ongoing support.

“Today we gather to not only celebrate this St Patrick’s Day, but to remember and honour all our deceased members, those who have made such a valuable, indeed crucial, contribution to the safety of our society.

“Our prayers are also with their families. We remember them and salute them. These were extraordinary people that we honour here today. They set an example for us all. May their shining example inspire all of us in our own lives.”


Eugene O’Donoghue; Noel Cunningham; Joe Brennan; Paul Knowles; Gerry Sweeney; Michael Gray; Hugh Kenny; Seamus Fagan; Terry Potts; Adrian O’Grady; Brian Joseph McGeehan; Mark O’Brien; Mick Kelly; Mick Shore; Donal O’Hannigan; William Murphy; Pat McDonald; David McLoughlin; Joe McGrath; Tony Archbold; Joe Riordan; Dan Lehane; James Landy; Paul O’Brien; Danny Davern; John Delaney; John Pender; Patrick Kavanagh; Michael Savage; Leslie Naghten; Frank O’Keeffe; John Grogan; Malachy Ryan; Noel Monaghan; Paul Carey; Noel Kelly.